Enabling the text search feature on Db2

About this task

To enable the text search feature on Db2® database:


  1. Make sure that the Db2 database is configured with the Net Search Extender plug-in.
  2. Log in to the Db2 server using the Command Editor or Command Line Processor with a user ID having DBA privileges.
  3. Verify that the text search index creation was successful.

    Use the customer_overrides.properties file that is located in the <INSTALL_DIR>/properties directory to set the yfs.db.textsearch property to Y.


The text search indexes that are created on Db2 database using the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/scripts/EFrame_TextIndexAdds.sql script are automatically updated every 6 hours. The DBA can modify this script to change this frequency, if necessary. Before running the EFrame_TextIndexAdds.sql script, the DBA must update the "/*Database*/" string in the EFrame_TextIndexAdds.sql script and specify the database name.