Configuring Db2 on UNIX or Linux®

Before you begin

  • Sterling Order Management Software supports Db2. From the Passport Advantage Sterling Order Management Software V10 image assemblies download the following:
    • Db2 Activation Key (Part Number CNB25ML)
    • Db2 Language Files (Part Numbers CNB1IML, CNB09ML, CNB08ML, CNB07ML)
  • Follow the instructions provided here to download and install the Db2 iFix001 from the IBM Fix Central. This is a complete Db2 product image that can be installed as the first time.
  • After installing Db2 iFix001 from the IBM Fix Central, apply the license certificate (Activation Key) using db2licm command. Learn more...


  1. Create the database. Refer to the Db2® documentation for information about creating the database, including creating a schema repository, login, and tablespace. Be sure to install the correct version and fix pack. Be sure to install the client components and compilers before you install the fix pack.
  2. Size the database by estimating the required disk space.
  3. Set the database connection properties.
    Note: The installation script creates tables and indexes. Certain tables require a page size of 32K. You should have a tablespace to accommodate such tables. Db2 automatically places tables and indexes in the available tablespaces using its internal logic. You can move the tables to a different tablespace after the installation is complete.
  4. Install Client Components, Compilers, and Fix Pack.
  5. Set Parameters for Db2.
  6. Grant Permissions for Db2.
  7. Install JDBC Drivers for Db2.