Before AIX installations only

About this task

During the installation process, you specify the name of the directory to be created for the Sterling Order Management System Software software. The installation process creates the directory and uses it as the Home folder for the Sterling Order Management System Software files and subdirectories. Throughout this book, this directory is referred to as <INSTALL_DIR>.

To ensure that <INSTALL_DIR> has the necessary permissions, AIX® users must run the following command on the parent directory of <INSTALL_DIR> before installation:

chmod -R 777 <absolute path>/install_dir_parent 

Here, install_dir_parent is the directory in which <INSTALL_DIR> will be created.

For example, to specify AIX_1/applications/test1/my_install as your installation directory, you could run the command from the AIX_1/applications directory (directly above the test1 directory):

chmod -R 777 test1

or from another location on the file system:

chmod -R 777 /AIX_1/applications/test1

This ensures that when the my_install directory is created during installation, it inherits the correct permissions from test1.