Scheduling an order or order line that is reserved

During the scheduling process, the Sterling Order Management System Software searches for nodes, substitutions, and dates. However, in addition to checking the inventory, the associated reservations are used as pre-reserved inventory.

These reservations are used only when they match the reservation parameters. For example:

Order Line: Item1, Qty 5, Node1

Order Line Associated Reservations are:

1. Item2, Qty 3, Node1

2. Item2, Qty 1, Node2

Item2 is preferred substitute for Item1, and Node1 can procure from Node2. While scheduling runs, the only quantity that is available is Qty 1 for Item2 at Node1 or Node2. The remaining quantity is considered as pre-reserved at Node1 and Node2. If the preferred substitute is not configured, then the total of 5 units should be available at Node1 or at Node2, and associated reservations are not used as reservations parameters do not match.

Once schedule runs on the order, it removes all reservations associated to the line and the header. This is regardless of whether reservations were used or not. The release works similarly to schedule and removes all reservations.