Sample code for beanService classes - JBoss

Sample code is generated in the same directory as the bean and BeanService class. You can use this sample as a reference for invoking the bean methods.

The sample file has the same name as the service class but with "Sample" appended to the end of the name.

For example, SMCFSBeanService would have an accompanying sample called SMCFSBeanServiceSample class.


The class generates a method for each API you expose. The content will require editing.

public void testlogin( ) throws Exception {
com.sterlingcommerce.documentation.ycp.login.input.Login input 
= new com.sterlingcommerce.documentation.ycp.login.input.Login();
Insert custom code here to set values on the input object.
returnValue = b.login(env,input);
Insert custom code here to retrieve values from the return object.