Creating a delivery service item sourcing rule

You can create a delivery service item sourcing rule.

About this task

To create a sourcing rule:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Cross Application > Order Promising > Sourcing And Scheduling > Product Being Delivered > Sourcing Rules.

The Delivery Service Sourcing Rules Search window displays in the work area.

  1. Choose the Create New icon. The Sourcing Rule for Product Being Delivered window displays.
  2. Enter information into the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  3. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Sourcing rule for product being delivered window
    Field Description
    Fulfillment Type Select the applicable fulfillment type to associate with the sourcing rule. For more information about configuring fulfillment types, see Defining fulfillment types.
    Order Sourcing Classification Select the applicable order sourcing classification if you want to associate this sourcing rule with a particular order sourcing classification. For more information about configuring order sourcing classifications, see Defining order sourcing classifications.
    When Seller organization is
    This Organization Select this option and select the applicable Seller organization if you want to associate this sourcing rule with a particular Seller.
    All Sellers Select All Sellers if this sourcing rule can be associated with any Seller organization.
    And Product is being delivered to
    This Region Select This Region and enter the applicable region if you want the sourcing rule to be used when deliveries are made to a specific region.

    Important: The region you identify must belong to the region schema associated with delivery service item sourcing for the organization you are working with. For more information about setting an organization's region schema for delivery service items, see Sourcing region selection.

    This Node Select This Node and select the applicable node if you want the sourcing rule to be used when deliveries are made to a specific node.
    Any Address Select Any Address if this sourcing rule can be used when deliveries are made to any node
    Use the following Node
    Node Select the node the delivery service is sourced from.
    Note: Delivery service items can only be sourced from one node per sourcing rule.
    Procure/Transfer to this Node when inventory is not available. Check this box if the node handles transfer orders and/or procurement purchase orders. For more information about transfer orders and procurement purchase orders, see Defining a node’s relationships and Defining procurement rules.
    Sourced From List

    The system tries to source the product from the node/distribution group with the highest sequence (lowest number). If the sourcing template contains a distribution group or a set of nodes, the final node selection is optimized based on the parameters configured in your scheduling rule associated with a given order. For more information about scheduling rules, see Defining scheduling rules.

    If there is no product availability for a node/distribution group specified in a given sequence, the system tries to source from the next node/distribution group in the sequence.

    Sequence No The sequence priority of the sourcing template.
    Sourcing Template A list of the node/distribution group sequences used for sourcing. The sequence is determined by priority. For more information about sourcing templates, see Defining sourcing template details.