Silent install file parameters

Important: The following silent installation parameters are the only ones that you can change. If you change the values for parameters that are not listed in this table, the installation will fail.
Key Name Description
user.sbx.INSTALL_JAR The JAR which contains the installation files.



user.sbx.JVM_LOC Source of the downloaded JDK files, external to the Sterling Order Management System Software software.


user.sbx.JVM_LOC value=<JDK_DIR>

user.sbx.OVERRIDE_LOAD_DEFAULTS_PK_GEN To generate unique primary keys for entities across deployments, include this property in your silent installation file and set the property to true. Default is false. See the documentation about the Change Project Management feature for additional information.



user.sbx.DB_VENDOR (Required) The database vendor to use (Oracle, Db2).
Note: In a sharded database installation, you must deploy the same database vendor and version across deployments.


user.sbx.DB_VENDOR value=<db_vendor>

user.sbx.DB_USER (Required) Database login ID with which to connect.

In a sharded deployment, this must be the username for the Metadata shard.

Note: The default shard names are always the same as the user name, except that the shard names are all uppercase. This applies to both nonsharded and sharded database scenarios.


user.sbx.DB_USER value=<db_user_name>

user.sbx.DB_DATA (Required) Database name to connect with.


user.sbx.DB_DATA value=<db_data_catalog>

user.sbx.DB_PASS (Required) Database password with which to connect.

In a sharded deployment, this must be the password for the Metadata shard.


user.sbx.DB_PASS value=<db_password>

user.sbx.DB_HOST (Required) Host for database (for example, server or IP address).


user.sbx.DB_HOST value=<db_host>

user.sbx.DB_PORT (Required) Database listener port to which to connect.


user.sbx.DB_PORT value=<db_listener_port>

user.sbx.DB_DRIVERS (Required) Full path to the JDBC driver file(s).


user.sbx.DB_DRIVERS value=<absolute_path_to_driver_jar(s)>

To specify more than one file, use a semicolon character (;) in WINDOWS and colon character (:) in UNIX/Linux for a separator between files.

user.sbx.DB_DRIVERS_VERSION (Required) Free form version string for JDBC driver. This is informational only.


user.sbx.DB_DRIVERS_VERSION value=<db_driver_version>

user.sbx.DB_SCHEMA_OWNER (Required for sharded database mode) Default shard/shard-owner for the provided login ID. If you wish to change this value to an alternate shard, consult your database administrator, as this is considered an expert installation scenario and can be performed only through the silent installation.
user.sbx.LOAD_FACTORY_SETUP Indicates whether you want to load factory setup defaults during installation (true) or manually after installation (false). If you are performing an installation in upgrade mode, set this property to false.


user.sbx.LOAD_FACTORY_SETUP value=true

For information about manually loading the factory defaults, see "Loading the Sterling Order Management System Software Database Factory Defaults After Installation."

user.sbx.NO_DBVERIFY Valid values are true or false. When set to true during installation and installservice, DBVerify will not be run. This means that the Sterling Order Management System Software software will not generate DDL to make the database like the XML entity repository. If you are performing an installation in upgrade mode, set this property to true.


user.sbx.NO_DBVERIFY value=true

user.sbx.REINIT_DB Valid values are true or false. By default, the value is set to true. If the value is set to false, the Sterling Order Management System Software software installation will complete successfully, but no database operation will be performed as part of the installation process. If you are performing an installation in upgrade mode, set this value to false.


user.sbx.REINIT_DB value=true

user.sbx.multischema.applyddl Valid values are true/false. If set to true (default), enables the DBVerify script to generate and apply database DDLs automatically. If set to false, allows DBVerify script to generate the DDLs but does not apply them.

This property is set to false in the GUI installer, by default. If you are using the GUI Installer and do not want to apply DDLs, ensure that this property to set to false in the sandbox.cfg file. If this property is set to true or is absent in the sandbox.cfg file, the DBVerify script generates the DDLs and applies them. Otherwise, the scripts are generated and not applied.


user.sbx.multischema.applyddl value=true

user.sbx.multischema.enabled Valid values are true/false. If true, this attribute indicates that this is a sharded database installation. The silent file, response.xml, specifies database information for the Configuration, Metadata, Transaction, and Statistics shards.
Note: This attribute is case-sensitive.


user.sbx.multischema.enabled value=true

See About running a silent installation in sharded database mode for more information.

user.sbx.multischema.multivendor.enabled Valid values are true or false. Set this property if you want to indicate that this is a sharded, multivendor installation. A value of true enables multivendor support.



user.sbx.multischema.version (Required only if you enable sharding.) This attribute indicates which version is being installed.
Note: This attribute is case-sensitive.


user.sbx.multischema.version value=<version_number>

user.sbx.multischema.file (Required if you enable sharding.) This attribute indicates the name of the user-defined XML file that contains sharded database information.
Note: This attribute is case-sensitive.


user.sbx.multischema.file value=<filename>.xml



Go to the IBM® Support Portal at for memory parameter values based on your operating system.


user.sbx.ADDITIONAL_ANT_JAVA_TASK_ARGS value= -XX:MaxPermSize=nnnm

user.sbx ADDITIONAL_ANT_COMPILER_TASK_ARGS value=-J-Xmsnnnm -J-Xmxnnnm

These parameter values are written to the sandbox.cfg file during installation. After installation, you can tune them if you are seeing Out-of-Memory errors.

user.sbx.COPYJVM Valid values are true/false. By default, the installation creates a copy of the JDK under your installation folder.
user.sbx.ENTITY_GEN_LOGLEVEL Specify VERBOSE to enable logging of verbose messages during entity class generation.




user.sbx.GENERATE_ALL_DBCLASSES Specify true to generate all DBClasses.



user.sbx.GENERATE_ALL_DBCLASSES value=true

user.sbx.SUPPORT_MULTIBYTE If you are installing on Db2 and need to localize your database using a multibyte character set, set this flag to Y. This ensures that the database column sizes are large enough to handle the multibyte characters correctly.

Default is N.



user.sbx.ORACLE_JDBC_URL Required only if Oracle RAC is being used as the database. Include the complete URL without any blank spaces.