Running multiple silent installations on the same machine

About this task

You can perform multiple silent installations on the same machine by using the following steps.


  1. Complete an initial installation recording in GUI or text mode, as described in Recording a GUI-based installation or Recording a text-based interactive installation.
  2. Modify the silent installation file, response.xml, by editing the permissible values as needed. Silent install file parameters contains information about the parameters that you can modify.
  3. You can create multiple silent response files in either one of two ways:
    • Choice 1: You can save response.xml to create multiple variations of it, as long as they are named differently; for example, response1.xml, response2.xml, and so forth. You must also ensure that they have different profile IDs in them. Edit each response.xml so that it has a unique profile ID number, such as 1, 2, 3, and so forth. Edit both instances of the profile ID that are in the file.

      For example:

      <profile id='IBM® Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Suite_1' installLocation=...>

      <offering id='...' version='...' profile='IBM Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Suite_1' features='...' installFixes='none'/>

    • Choice 2: If you prefer to create silent file variations by recording them to different response<n>.xml files by using the IBM Installation Manager multiple times instead of manually editing the profile ID, you will achieve the same outcome of having multiple silent installation files. This is because each time you record a silent installation, the IBM Installation Manager increments the profile ID number in the response.xml file so that each installation file is unique.

      To use this option, launch the IBM Installation Manager again and record this installation, specifying a new silent file.

      For example:


      WindowsFor a GUI installation, from the \IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse folder, enter: IBMIM.exe -record response3.xml -skipInstall <IM_data_dir>

      UNIXLINUXFor a GUI installation, from the /IBM/Installation Manager/eclipse folder, enter: ./IBMIM -record response3.xml -skipInstall <IM_data_dir>

      WindowsFor a text installation, from the \IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools folder, enter: imcl.exe -c -record response3.xml -skipInstall <IM_data_dir>

      UNIXLINUXFor a text installation, from the /IBM/Installation Manager/eclipse/tools folder, enter: ./imcl -c -record response3.xml -skipInstall <IM_data_dir>

      Note: <IM_data_dir> must be the same directory for all recordings.

      During the recording, the Installation Manager will see that the Sterling Order Management System Software software has already been installed. Click Continue to indicate that you want to install it again. This appends a number to the existing profile ID.

  4. Using either method, you can create multiple silent installation files.

    For information about installing with a silent file, see Running a silent installation