Applying the latest fix pack by using base container image

If you want to apply fix pack factory setup that is not shipped with the certified containers images, ensure to generate custom images after installing the required fix pack by using the following procedure.

Note: If the image that you are using already contains latest fix pack, apply the fix pack factory setup by using the steps explained in Applying fix pack factory setup manually.


  1. Download the fix pack from IBM Fix Central and save the file to a temporary location.
  2. Prepare the customized runtime from the base image, if necessary.

    If the customized runtime exists, go to the runtime container shell. For more information, see customizing certified containers.

  3. Extract the contents of the fix pack compressed file to the <shared file system directory path>.

    Here, <shared file system directory path> is the file system directory path that is mapped and shared with the container. The corresponding container path is /opt/ssfs/shared

  4. Go to the files folder.
  5. Locate the fix pack compressed file and extract the file contents.

    For example, the compressed file name for fix pack 10 is

  6. Copy the smcfs_10_<fp number>.jar to the container shell.
  7. In the container shell, go to the /opt/ssfs/runtime/bin directory.
  8. Depending on the fix pack that you want to install, run the appropriate command.
    • If you are installing fix pack 33 or earlier, smcfs_10_<fp_number>.jar

    • If you are installing fix pack 34 or later,

      <install_dir>/jdk/bin/java -jar ./SMCFS_CORE_<CD_version>.jar -fpmode

    Note: You cannot install Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation) by using the IBM Installation Manager. To install Sterling Store Engagement (Next-generation), see Installing Sterling Store Engagement using command line.
  9. Ensure to generate new app and agent images as explained in generating custom images.
  10. Optionally, save the updated runtime as a new om-base image by running the following command:
    cd /opt/ssfs/runtime/container-scripts/imagebuild
    ./ --MODE=base
    Note: It is recommended that you generate a new om-base image from the customized runtime so that the same om-base image can be used for developing further customizations.

What to do next

You can review the fixes that are addressed in each Sterling Order Management System Software fix pack versions.