Installing fix packs using fix pack jar installer in command line

You can install fix packs by using the fix pack jar installer in command line on Windows, UNIX, or Linux.

Before you begin

  • When you install the latest fix pack, the fix pack factory setup is automatically installed.
  • Download the fix pack from the IBM® Fix Central and save it in a temporary location.
    Note: In the Installed Version list, make sure that you select the base version of 10.0.0. You can use the Filter fix details field to filter the fixes displayed for the base version.

About this task

This topic provides instructions about how to install the applications through fix pack jar installer by using command line directly.


  1. Extract the IBM-SSFS-FP-Installer-<version>.zip into a temporary directory.
  2. Go to the directory <install directory>/jdk/bin.
  3. Run the following command:
    ./java -jar <path to extracted temp directory>/files/SMCFS_CORE_<version>.jar -fpmode