Installing and deploying with Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) optional component

This process presents a suggested order for installing Sterling Order Management System Software with the Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) optional component.

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  1. Planning
    Planning includes understanding the installation and deployment process, evaluating system requirements, and anticipating security and performance needs.
    Planning for installation

  2. Obtaining software and installing prerequisites
    Obtain IBM® Installation Manager and Sterling Order Management System Software software. Then set up the application server tier and the database tier.
    Obtaining the software and installation prerequisites

  3. Sterling Order Management System Software
    You must Install the Sterling Order Management System Software software first, followed by the Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) software. During this process, you decide which language packs to install, whether to create database tables, and whether to load factory setups.
    Before you can build the EAR file and deploy it on the server, database tables must exist and must be populated with data.

  4. Post-installation Phases 1 and 2

  5. Post-installation Phases 3 and 4
    Be sure to complete post-installation tasks in order, configuring installation utilities before run-time utilities.
    Using the installation utilities
    Configuring the run-time utilities

  6. Post-installation: Building and deploying Sterling Order Management System Software
    Before you build and deploy an EAR file on your application server, you can create your resource.jar file so that any property file changes are reflected in your system. After this, you can build and deploy the EAR for Sterling Order Management System Software with all the applications you installed on your server.
    Creating the resource.jar file
    Building and deploying the EAR on the server

  7. Building and deploying Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy)
    Building and deploying the Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy)
    Note: Use Google Chrome for optimal performance of the Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) application. If you use any other browser, you might not get the maximum benefit of cached retrieval of pre-initialized screen components.