Basic configuration

To set up your basic configuration for slot availability inquiries, you must configure the parameters.

Some preliminary configuration is related to promising is provided services that are required with Sterling Order Management System Software. Most of the basic configuration described in this section is defined by the Enterprise organization. Set the following parameters:

Are service sourcing rules defined?

Sourcing rules control the service node selection. You can set up sourcing rules to say whether or not you define sourcing rules at all. If you set up the value of this parameter as "Yes", the servicing location is determined based on your sourcing rules setup. If this value is set to "No", Sterling Order Management System Software selects the servicing location based on the "service region" served by the location.

If resource pools in your capacity organization can be used and you do not typically have overlapping service regions between multiple service providers, this parameter value set to "N" can save you the detailed configuration required for service provider selection.

Set this parameter to "Yes" if you want finer control over provider selection. Sterling Order Management System Software uses your defined sourcing rules and selects the correct provider.

Capacity organization?

The same capacity organization is used for both delivery and provided services.

Is capacity kept externally?

This parameter has the same behavior as defined for delivery services.