Deprecation notice for Sterling Order Management System Software Application Console

The Sterling Order Management System Software Application Console user interface is deprecated on 12 December 2022.

Why is it deprecated?

Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer in June 2022 without a clear forward compatible browser for applications. Customers can use the Microsoft Edge browser in Internet Explorer (IE) Mode, but IBM does not view this as a viable long-term alternative.

Deprecation schedule

Use the following schedule that indicates the stages of deprecation for the Application Console user interface.

Deprecation stages and dates Level of support
End of product enhancements: 12 December 2022 After 12 December 2022, IBM will no longer deliver product enhancements for Application Console. Customers continue to receive standard support and product fixes until the end of support date.
End of support: 31 December 2023 After 31 December 2023, IBM will no longer deliver any fixes for Application console. Furthermore, IBM will no longer perform regression testing for Application Console for any releases after this date. Customers will receive guidance and recommendations for issues on a best-efforts basis for one year. After 31 December 2024, support for Application Console will be withdrawn. Customers are advised to stop using Application Console during this time.

Transitioning to the Order Hub user interface

Transition to the new Order Hub user interface, which was created to be the more modern, next generation of Sterling Order Management System Software user interfaces. This new version is available for all SaaS, container, and on-premises customers. For more information, see a detailed overview of Order Hub capabilities and installation. A comparison guide is also available for Application Console and Order Hub features as well as a transition guide. Download the launch utility for the stand-alone Applications Manager and System Management Console.

We encourage you to work with your Customer Success Manager and prioritize the transition to the Order Hub user interface.


During the transition period, support, engineering, and product management teams are available to address your questions or concerns. You can contact your Customer Success Manager or refer to IBM Support for assistance.

Communication channels and feedback

For updates and announcements for this deprecation, see the What’s new topic. You can also subscribe to receive notification updates about this product or any other IBM product by signing up for notifications. For more information, see Stay up to date with My Notifications.