Specifying a condition for a status modification group

You can define a condition for a status modification group that determines how the group is validated against status modifications.

For example, when a user of an enterprise performs an operation on a supported document type or calls an order-related API, such as getOrderDetails, the status modification is validated using this process:

  • Obtain the conditional XML file from the order. The conditional XML file is created when you specify a condition for the status modification group.
  • Obtain all applicable status modification groups that meet the conditions specified in the conditional XML file.
  • Obtain all modification types from applicable status modification groups, including inherited configurations. Then, any conflicting status modification rules are resolved.

Conditions for status modification groups are specified by order attribute. For example, the CurrentUserRole attribute lets you configure status modification rules for a primary user group, such as Field Sales. Consider a scenario in which you want to give field sales representatives the ability to create quotes. However, you do not want to allow them to change the price on existing quotes. To configure this scenario, you would create a status modification group where the CurrentUserRole attribute is set to the primary user group id for field sales representatives. As part of creating the status modification group, you would define status modification rules that allow changes to quotes but prevent changes to prices on existing quotes. Additionally, you could create a different status modification group that allows supervisors to change the price on existing quotes. In this example, assume that the enterprise and process type are the same for both status modification groups.

If you do not specify a condition for a status modification group, the status modification group validation is enforced. Use the Condition field in the Status Modification Group Details window to specify a condition for a status modification group.