Creating a status modification group

You can create a status modification group.

About this task

To create a status modification group:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Document Specific > (Document Type) > (Process Type) > (Process Type) Modification > (Process Type) Modification Groups. The Status Modification Group List window displays in the work area.
  2. From the Status Modification Group List, click the Create New icon. The Status Modification Group Details window displays.
  3. Enter information in the applicable fields. For field value descriptions, see Table 1.
  4. Click the Save icon to save the modification group.
    Table 1. Status modification group details window.

    Status modification group field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Status Modification Group ID Enter a name for the status modification group.
    Description Enter a description for the status modification group.
    Inherited From Status Modification Group (Optional) Select a parent status modification group if you want to inherit modification rules from another group.
    Is Override (Optional) Check this option if you want this status modification group to take precedence.
    Condition (Optional) Select a condition if you want to specify a condition for this status modification group. Or, you can create a condition by clicking the Create New icon, which opens the Condition Detail window. Refer to Adding conditions to a status modification group for information about configuring conditions for status modification groups.
    Note: If you do not specify a condition, this group's validation is enforced.
    Subscribed Modification Types
    Available Displays a list of available modification types. This list includes all system-supplied modification types as well as the custom modification types that you created in the Custom Modification window. To subscribe a modification type, select the modification type in the Available list and click the Right Arrow icon.
    Subscribed Displays a list of the modification types for which you want to define modification rules. To remove a modification type from the subscribed list, select the modification type in the Subscribed list and click the Left Arrow icon. Click the Save icon to display the subscribed modification types in the Modification Rules tab.
    Modification Rules
    Group By Select a sort option for displaying modification types in the Primary Info tab. You can sort modification types by type, level, and status.
    Primary Info Displays the modification types that you subscribed in the Subscribed Modification Types tab. Expand the applicable modification types and levels for which you want to set up modification rules. Right click on the applicable rule and choose Allow, Disallow, or Ignore as per your business practices.