Generating interface field mapping template documents using the generation tool

About this task

To generate the XML spreadsheet:


Use the following command line tool:

   generateExcelXML {INXML} {INXSL} {OUTXML} {HTML} {TITLE}



  • INXML – Name of the XML file for which the XML spreadsheet should be generated
  • INXSL – Name of the XSL file which is used to generate the XML spreadsheet
  • OUTXML – Name of the XML spreadsheet file to be generated
  • HTML – Name of the HTML file which contains the description of the Input XML attributes.
    Note: If you are running the RDT in a Unix environment, you must insert an extra "\" for every "\" that you use in the HTML file name attribute. For example, if the filename is \\server\directory\file.html, you must specify the filename as \\\\server\\directory\\file.html.
  • TITLE - The title that is displayed after you generate the XML spreadsheet.

This tool is located in <INSTALL_DIR>/bin directory. This can also be used to generate XML spreadsheets for custom APIs.