Building and deploying on the application server

After configuring Sterling Order Management System Software according to your business needs, you deploy it into production based on your application server.

To deploy Sterling Order Management System Software in a development environment, consider the following:
  • Run the development environment in exploded (non-ear) mode.
  • Build and deploy the development-related documentation such as API Javadoc, ERDs, and XSDs as online resources in the development environment.

To enable faster loading of a JSP page, pre-compile your JSP files.

Note: If you are planning to install any optional component or applying any extensions to Sterling Order Management System Software , you may want to consider delaying the building of your Enterprise Archive (EAR) until all of your applications are installed. Building the EAR now and for each application or extension installation does not cause harm, but does save time if you build your EAR only once after all applications or extensions are installed.