Move CLY1 to the upgrade environment

You can move CLY1 to Upgrade_V1.

About this task

Next, move CLY1 to Upgrade_V1 by performing the following tasks, as shown in Figure 1:


  1. Use the CDT to move the configuration data for CLY1 and DEFAULT from Production_V1 to Upgrade_V1. Some organizations inherit configuration data from DEFAULT. For this reason, the DEFAULT's configuration data is always moved as part of the colony-by-colony upgrade process.
  2. Shut down CLY1 in Production_V1.
  3. In sharded mode, install a new Release 9.5 run time in upgrade mode (Upgrade_V2). The Release 10.0 run time contains the updatecolonypool target, which is required when updating database pointers for shards.
  4. Redirect the database pointer for CLY1's TRANSACTION/MASTER shard from Production_V1 to Upgrade_V1. CLY1_new is replaced by CLY1.
    Figure 1. Move CLY1 to upgrade_v1
    A flow chart of an upgrade of CLY1