Change project management overview

Many users implement new features or database changes as separate projects. The Change Project Management feature allows you to implement new functionality (projects) on a staging or a testing (source) environment before implementing them on a production (target) environment to minimize operational errors.

After the changes are validated, they are published on the production environment using Change Data Export and Change Data Import agents. A Change Project provides the mechanism to consolidate database changes as a single unit and is a collection of smaller tasks called “Change Requests”.

Note: If two or more Change Projects have Change Requests that modify the same entity, the Change Projects must be named in an alphabetical order for the changes to be imported sequentially.

The Sterling Business Center enables administrators to define Change Projects, define Change Requests for the Change Projects, assign contributors to work on the Change Requests and approve the Change Project before publishing the changes on the production environment.

To make entity changes, a change project must be created individually for each organization, even if the organization data is inherited from each other.

Change Projects are approved by designated users called "approvers". Once the Change Project is approved, the changes are published on the production environment either soon after approval or at a defined time set in the Applications Manager. Change projects are not published if they are not in the "Approved" status.

Database changes made during Change Request or Change Project processing are stored in the table, YFS_ENTITY_CHANGE. The manageChangeProject API is used to manage a Change Project and its Change Requests. For details on the API, see Javadoc.

If you want changes to the YFS_ENTITY_CHANGE table to be registered to the organization that made the changes, you need to pass ContextOrganizationCode as an argument in the manage APIs. If this argument is omitted from manage APIs, changes will be registered to the organization of the user who made the change.

Note: In a sharded environment, changes can be made to Change Projects belonging to its own enterprise colony only.
The Change Project Management module allows you to configure the following:
  • Change Requests
  • Change Project