Troubleshooting Operator in an airgap environment

The common airgap installation and uninstallation issues include failure of cloudctl command or failure when mirroring images to the local registry.


  • cloudctl command fails to check prerequisites
    Symptom: If the cloudctl command fails to check prerequisites even if all prerequisites are in place, the failure is due to an invalid check in the CASE. For example, the cloudctl command fails to check prerequisites if the LANG variable is set as de_DE.UTF-8. The following error message is displayed:
    Prerequisite Result
    Client has cloudctl version v3.4.0 or greater false
    Required prereqs result: FAILED
    Solution: Set the environment variable CLOUDCTL_LAUNCH_SKIP_PREREQ_CHECK=true to turn off prerequisite checking. You can use this environment variable if there is a problem with any prerequisite declaration handling.
    Note: When prerequisites are skipped, the following message is displayed:
    Attempting to locate the launch inventory item, script, and action in the specified CASE
    [✓] Found the specified launch inventory item, action, and script for the CASE
    Skipping CASE defined prerequisite checks for the specified action
  • Image mirroring to the local registry fails
    Symptom: The Mirror images to the local image registry step fails with the following error:
    skopeo , 202copy --all --authfile "/root/.airgap/auth.json" --dest-tls-verify=false --src-tls-verify=false docker:// docker://
    time="2021-06-11T17:05:17Z" level=fatal msg="Error initializing source docker:// unable to retrieve auth token: invalid username/password: unauthorized: The login credentials are not valid, or your IBM Cloud account is not active."

    Cause: Your entitlement key is missing in order to mirror the images from your public repository.

    Solution: Provide your entitlement key to mirror the images from the public repository, as shown in the following steps.
      1. Run the following command:
        cloudctl case launch
           --case $HOME/offline/$CASE_ARCHIVE
           --inventory $CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP
           --action configure-creds-airgap
           --args "--registry --user cp --pass <insert_your_entitlement_key>"
      2. Retry the mirror command.

        The mirror command should work and your local registry should be set.