Flexible deployment configuration options

As a customer of IBM® Sterling Order Management System Software, flexible Sterling Order Management System Software deployment configuration options enable you to configure your enterprises in a variety of ways.

Note: The sharded deployment is supported in Sterling Order Management System Software version 10.0 Fix Pack 7, or later.

You can review the deployment configuration options available:

  • Single-instance nonsharded deployment
  • Single-instance sharded deployment

These options provide benefits and trade-offs according to your individual business requirements. You can opt for a single-instance deployment if you do not anticipate a significant increase in the number of your enterprises and if you want a central point of control and monitoring across your deployment. If your enterprises begin to expand and outgrow a single instance, you can deploy multiple instances, as long as no sharing is required. Some business requirements might drive the need for more advanced deployment models where multiple entities require different upgrade cycles and isolation levels. These businesses might include third-party logistics (3PL) providers and hosted environments. For these requirements, you could implement a single-instance, sharded deployment.

These are flexible product deployments, which mean they can support multiple enterprises that have unique business needs, such as different process flows, enterprise specific extensions, and rules. A sharded deployment also has multiple transactional database shards.