Upgrading colonies in sharded mode

You can upgrade colonies in sharded mode from the production environment to the upgrade environment. Ensure that your directories correspond to the correct environment.

After moving colonies from the production environment to the upgrade environment, run a complete upgrade in sharded mode, where INSTALL_DIR corresponds to Upgrade_V2, and INSTALL_DIR_OLD corresponds to Upgrade V1. When you perform a sharded upgrade, all colonies in the upgrade environment are upgraded, which includes the colonies' shards, such as the STATISTICS and TRANSACTION/MASTER shards.

  • When running the upgrade, do not perform the customizations or postmigration activities. These postmigration activities are performed in Step 4 of "Returning Colonies to the Production Environment".
  • If you are using the yfs.api.history.disable property or the yfs.api.history.disable.colony.colony_id property to migrate transaction data before history data, do not discard Upgrade_V2 after migrating your transaction data.