Step1: Run alter-transaction-tables command

The run alter-transaction-tables command performs preparatory tasks before performing an upgrade. This includes getting the size of tables to determine which tables will take longer to upgrade, and dropping the views. This information is used later when performing the actual upgrade so as to minimize the time.

About this task

It then uses the size information available, and performs alterations to the transaction tables. After this task is performed, the transaction tables will have new columns and data. Values in the transaction tables are trimmed for the data types that have been changed in the newer version.

Note: If you set the yfs.apply.sql.manually property to Y in the <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/9.5/ file, you must manually apply the following DDLs before running the alter-transaction-tables target:
  • <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/<previous version directory>/database/scripts/<dbtype>/transaction/uniqueindexdrops.sql
  • <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/<previous version directory>/database/scripts/<dbtype>/transaction/indexdrops.sql
  • <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/<previous version directory>/database/scripts/<dbtype>/transaction/alters.sql
  • <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/<previous version directory>/database/scripts/<dbtype>/transaction/seq.sql
where <previous version directory> corresponds to the location of the previous version directory and <dbtype> corresponds to the database type (Db2 or Oracle). However, when upgrading from Release 8.2 (or earlier), exclude alters in the above files that belong to tables mentioned against the yfs.migrator.exclude.tables property in the <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/<previous version directory>/ file.

  • When migrating from 9.3, 9.4, or 9.5 to 10.0, run the following command:

    ${ANT_HOME}/bin/ant -Druntime=<INSTALL_DIR> -Druntime.old=<INSTALL_DIR_OLD> -f buildmigration.xml -logfile <logfile> -Dtarget=alter-transaction-tables migrate

    The transaction_ant_altertables.xml.done is created in the 9.5 status folder by the alter-transaction-tables task.

    • If you encounter any error when altering transaction tables, fix the cause of the error and perform the task of altering transaction tables again. Before executing the task, change the value of the onerror attribute from "abort" to "continue" in the <INSTALL_DIR>/Migration/9.5/transaction/ant_altertables.xml file.

      The onerror attribute specifies how to proceed when an error occurs during the execution of one of the statements. The valid values are:

    • Continue - Indicates that on encountering an error, proceed with the task of altering other tables.
    • Abort - Indicates that on encountering an error, do not proceed with the task of altering other tables.
    Note: If you dropped an index in an earlier release and the index is changed in the current release, an error occurs when altering transaction tables. Analyze the index changes to determine whether or not you want the index dropped. If you want the index dropped, drop the index after the upgrade.