Step 4: Regenerate dbclasses

If you have performed extensions on transaction tables in earlier releases, you must regenerate dbclasses. However, if you ran the dbclassgen target as part of the history migration, you do not need to perform this command.

About this task

To perform the dbclassgen from Release 9.3 (or later) to Release 10.0 run the command shown for the migration type you are running.

  • When migrating from 9.3, 9.4, or 9.5 to 10.0, run the following command:
    ${ANT_HOME}/bin/ant -Druntime=<INSTALL_DIR> -Druntime.old=<INSTALL_DIR_OLD>
     -f buildmigration.xml -logfile <logfile> -Dtarget=dbclassgen migrate

    The command regenerates the dbclasses and updates the entities JAR.

    The *.done file created in the 9.5 status folder for the dbclassgen task is ant_dbclassgen.xml.done.

    Note: If you have not created the nonunique indexes as a part of upgrade, you can create them at any point as a postmigration activity by following the steps to migrate history data.
    Note: If you receive an "Out of Resources" error when running the dbclassgen target, increase the memory arguments for the ADDITIONAL_ANT_COMPILER_TASK_ARGS property in the <INSTALL_DIR>/properties/sandbox.cfg file.