Enabling SSL on Vert.x server

By default, SSL is enabled for Order Service. You must ensure secure communication between client and Vert.x by using SSL.

About this task

For disabling SSL on Vert.x on Order Service, set the value for the ssl_vertx_disabled property to true. Also, the default port for communication by using HTTPS and HTTP is set to 8080. For more information, see https://vertx.io/docs/vertx-core/java/.

For more information about ingress, see Configuring ingress parameter.

For more information, see https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/rational-build-forge/8.0?topic=certificates-creating-new-self-signed-certificate.

Restriction: The Vert.x library supports only one certificate in keystore. For supporting multiple certificates in a single keystore, upgrade the Vert.x library to version 4.0 or later.