Deploying the customizations

Complete this task to deploy your Order Hub customizations for containers or traditional.


  • For containers:
    1. Load the extension image to the registry. See Loading the custom images to OpenShift Container Platform.
    2. Edit operator config to set Order Hub Ext image name and tag. See Configuring orderHub parameter.
    3. Use the Operator to update the environment. See Installing or Upgrading Order Management Software by using Operator.
  • For traditional:
    1. Copy the ext directory from build/src to the web server html directory.
    2. Copy the deployment version of the features.json file to <html_directory>/ext/orderhub/shell-ui/assets/features.json
    3. Go to the following URL:

      Where <HOST> is the host on which the Order Hub is deployed. Do not use localhost or bucgenerichost. The <PORT> is the value set in the web server configuration.

      For example: