Setting up purge criteria

You can set up purge criteria.

About this task

To set up purge criteria:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose VAS > VAS Process > Purge Criteria. The Purge Criteria List window displays.
  2. In the Purge Criteria List window, choose the Details icon. The Purge Criteria Details pop-up window displays.
  3. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  4. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Purge criteria details pop-up window
    Field Description
    Purge Code Identifies a purge program. This is a system defined code.
    Description Description of the purge.
    Rollback Segment Defines the rollback segment that should be explicitly used for the purge transaction qualified by the purge code.

    This is useful when there are huge logical data sets that have to be purged. This is optional and used for order related purges.

    Retention Days Enter the number of days of data to be retained in the database (going backwards from the time the program runs). Make sure that your table size takes into account the number of retention days entered here.

    When purging, the inventory purge considers the retention days.

    Write To Log File Check this box if you want purged data written to a log. The log can be backed up and used as a journal at a later date.
    Log File Name Enter a log file name. This is applicable only if 'Write To Log File' is checked. This file consists records of the specific table that is purged.

    The log file is created in the directory specified in the yfs.purge.path property. If this is not passed, it defaults to the value specified in the file. If a variable is introduced, then the yfs.purge.path is ignored. To override this property, add an entry for it in the <INSTALL_DIR>/properties/ file.