Setting BUCAgentsServer, SBAMetricsServer in IBM Sterling Order Management System Software Operator

You can set up the Order Hub agents (BUCAgentsServer and SBAMetricsServer) by configuring the appropriate properties in the IBM® Sterling Order Management System Software Operator.

  • Configure the Sterling Order Management System Software Operator to run the agents in the required agent profiles, as shown in the following example.
  - agentServer:
        - SBAMetricsServer
        - BUCAgentsServer
      readinessFailRestartAfterMinutes: 10
      terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 60
    name: agents-orderhub
    profile: ProfileMedium
      customerOverrides: AgentProperties
      envVars: EnvironmentVariables
      jvmArgs: MediumJVMArgs
    replicaCount: 1

Setting the BUCAgentsServer

  • For the Reassign pending order release feature to work, the BUCAgentsServer must be set up by using the following configurations.
    1. Create a queue to reassign pending order release, as shown in step #2.
    2. Add the following properties to AppServerProperties and AgentProperties.
      yfs.yfs.buc.agents.queue: <CreateReassignPendingOrder>
      yfs.yfs.buc.agents.providerurl: <providerUrl>
      yfs.yfs.buc.agents.qcf: <qcf>
      Note: The Reassign pending order release feature uses REASSIGN_ORDER_RELEASE.0001 transaction, which requires modification rules to be set for certain order or shipment status. Hence, you must ensure the rules are configured correctly. For more information about configuring the modification rules, see REASSIGN_ORDER_RELEASE.0001 transaction.

Setting the SBAMetricsServer

  1. Add the following properties to AppServerProperties and AgentProperties.
    yfs.sba.enabled: 'Y'
    yfs.sba.updatenodecapacity.event.flow: SBA_ResourcePoolChangedOnSuccessSend
    yfs.yfs.flow.override.icf: <icf>
    yfs.yfs.flow.override.providerurl: <providerUrl>
    yfs.yfs.flow.override.qcf: <qcf>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.NC.queue: <NodeCapacityQueue>
    Note: Alternatively, you can add these properties to BaseProperties so that they are applicable to both AppServerProperties and AgentProperties.
    • Create queues for the following tasks and configure the Sterling Order Management System Software Operator, as shown in step #3.
      • Order update processing (OU)
      • Shipment update processing (SU)
      • Removal of processed update records (RM/RP)
      • Node capacity processing (NC)
    • For each of the queue define the scheduleinterval, the number of minutes for how often the agent should run, as shown in step #3.
  2. Add the following properties to AgentProperties.
    yfs.sba.agent.url: <providerUrl>
    yfs.sba.agent.qcf: <qcf>
    yfs.sba.agent.icf: <icf>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.OU.queue: <OrderUpdateQueue>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.OU.threads: 4
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.OU.scheduletrigger: 'Y'
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.OU.scheduleinterval: 1
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.SU.queue: <ShipmentUpdateQueue>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.SU.threads: 2
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.SU.scheduletrigger: 'Y'
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.SU.scheduleinterval: 1
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RM.queue: <RemoveProcessedRecordsQueue>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RM.threads: 1
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RM.scheduletrigger: 'Y'
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RM.scheduleinterval: 10
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RP.queue: <RemoveProcessedRecordsQueue> 
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RP.threads: 1 
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RP.scheduletrigger: 'Y' 
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.RP.scheduleinterval: 1440
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.NC.queue: <NodeCapacityQueue>
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.NC.threads: 1
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.NC.scheduletrigger: 'Y'
    yfs.sba.agent.metrics.NC.scheduleinterval: 720
  3. Configure the following optional parameters as required.
    • Use the optional parameters to define the status that meet any of the following conditions.
      • Order is created
      • Order is scheduled
      • Order is fulfilled
      • Order is ready for back room pick
    • If you have custom statuses, add the following properties to AppServerProperties and AgentProperties or BaseProperties. The shown values are default values. For more information about configuring statuses, see Configuring statuses that are considered Fulfilled.
      yfs.sba.statuses.order.created: !1100.7777,1100
      yfs.sba.statuses.order.scheduled: 1500
      yfs.sba.statuses.order.fulfilled: 1100.7777,3700-
      yfs.sba.statuses.shipment.readyforbackroompick: 1100.70.06.10
    • When you log into Order Hub, an API is called that automatically subscribes you to any Order Hub order and shipment queues for the enterprises you are entitled to. By default the following parameter is set to 'Y'. If you want to manage the subscriptions manually, then in AppServerProperties update the following parameter to 'N'.
      yfs.sba.alerts.queuesubscription: 'Y'