Enterprise and outbound constraints

The term Outbound constraints refers to the own conditions of the enterprise for consolidation and shipping.

For example, in order to reduce shipping costs, a enterprise tries to consolidate items by placing as many items as possible into a shipment, until a certain weight is met. The enterprise can set the Economic Shipping Parameters to implement this strategy.

In Sterling Order Management System Software, conditions for outbound compliance can be established in the Logistics section of the Distributed Order Management Configuration Console.

You can establish outbound constraints for these categories.

Table 1. Outbound constraints categories
Category Description
Consolidation Describes if items can be placed in the same shipment. Criteria include: different PO numbers, different order number, different departments, different "Mark For", and different Order Types.
Routing Guide A guide which describes criteria for how to route deliveries.
ESP Whether to use Economic Shipping parameters, and the conditions of those parameters.