Import data into the target database

When importing data in to the target database, there are some considerations and configurations.

The sync level of the store for a given profile can be retrieved using the getSyncDBImportList API, and information about what synchronization data is available can be retrieved using the getSyncDBExportList API. For example, suppose the store runs getSyncDBImportList for its Catalog profile, and through this learns that it is at sequence number 2.1. It then queries getSyncDBExportList to determine the sync level for that profile available on the enterprise and learns that the enterprise has sequence level 2.3 available. This indicates that the enterprise has run two DELTA mode exports since the store last synchronized. The store can retrieve the zip files associated with these two exports from a centralized data repository and re-synchronize its data with the enterprise.

The ChangeDataImport agent processes the import directory to find unhandled compressed files and XML files and adds them to its jobs queue. If the import is interrupted, only those files that were processed are picked up when the agent restarts.

If you are importing large XML files, you need to increase the size of your database transaction log file to ensure that it has the required capacity.