About the JDK for UNIX/Linux

  • To determine which JDK version and patches you need, see the System Requirements on the IBM® Support Portal at http://www.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/Planning.
  • Edit the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the directory where you installed the JDK.
  • After you install the JDK, record the absolute path to its location on your system. You must supply the absolute path when you install the Sterling Order Management System Software software.
  • During the installation, you will be prompted whether to have the installer create a copy of the JDK under your install folder. If you do not want the JDK copied, you can use the following jars, which IBM includes in the Sterling Order Management System Software software installer image. Copy these files into the jre/lib/endorsed directory of your JDK:
    • serializer.jar
    • xalan.jar
    • xercesImpl.jar
    • xml-apis.jar
    Note: A JDK from a source external to IBM should not be shared with the JBoss Application Server because the server will not start up after the jars are copied into the JDK.
    Note: For more information on JBoss deprecation, see Deprecated components in Sterling Order Management System Software.