Defining quote rules

You can define additional rules that are specific to the Quote document type.

About this task

To define additional quote rules:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Document Specific > Quote > Fulfillment > Quote Rules. The Quote Rules window displays.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  3. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Quote rules window
    Field Description
    Expiration Policy Before Presenting Quote To Buyer
    Recalculate Expiration Date Select this check box if you want to recalculate the expiration date before presenting a quote to a buyer.
    Default Expiration Period (Number Of Days) By default, the expiration period is 30 days. However, you can change the expiration period, as required. The quote will expire after the specified number of days.
    Recommended Items
    Quote Line Type To Use For Recommended Items Select the quote line type you want to use for recommended items from the drop-down list.