Generating a report of differences using the CDT

You can generate a report of differences between the source and target databases.


  1. Choose the Preferences icon to ensure that you have specified a reports directory. For more information about specifying CDT settings, see Setting CDT preference settings in GUI mode.
  2. Choose the Compare icon to compare the two databases. For more information about comparing databases, see Comparing source and target data using the CDT.
  3. In the Comparison Results tree, select the Results node.
  4. From the Comparison Results action bar, choose the Additional Attributes icon. The Status panel displays trace messages that enable you to determine the success of the report generation process. The location of the report displays along with a message of the successful creation of reports.
  5. From Windows Explorer, browse to your reports directory. Within the directory you specified, the Configuration Deployment Tool creates a subdirectory named according to the time it was created.

    For example, if you have specified D:/reports as the reports directory and generate a report at 3:40 p.m. on May 23, 2008, the CDT creates a subdirectory called 20080523154024 within the D:/reports directory.

    This new subdirectory contains the following:

    • An index.xml file contains an overall summary of changes as displayed on the UI
    • One XML file for each table that has changes with the details of each change
  6. Open the XML files to see the differences.


If you generate another report, a new directory is created and populated with another set of XML files.