Examining database differences using the CDT

About this task

To examine the differences between databases:


  1. Choose the Compare icon to compare the two databases. For more information about comparing databases, see Comparing source and target data using the CDT.
  2. From the Comparison Results tree, expand the corresponding entity and select the table that you want to examine.
  3. From the Comparison Results action bar, choose the Zoom In icon. The range of possible results are as follows:

    image - The Unchanged icon indicates that an entity contains dependent tables that have differences.

    image - The Add icon indicates that a record is inserted to the target database.

    image - The Remove icon indicates that a record is deleted from the target database.

    image - The Modify icon indicates columns that are updated on the target database.

  4. Choose an entity's icon, as described in step 3, to display the Record Details window for the entity. The window displays data about the entity's values in the target database. For example, the Record Details window for modified data displays the following sections:
    • Top section - displays values that are changed on the target database
    • Bottom section - displays values that remain the same.

      Figure 1 shows the Record Details window for inserted data.

      Figure 1. Record details window
  5. After examining your data, you may want to generate a report of these differences as described in Generating a report of differences using the CDT.