Reservation parameters

Several parameters can be defined for an Enterprise to handle reservations in various scenarios.

Reservation required

Reservation Required indicates that if inventory can be reserved for an order, an attempt should be made to reserve it.

Reservation mandatory

Reservation Mandatory dictates that inventory must be available for reservation for an order line at the time of order creation or order change. If inventory is not available for the order line, it is not created in the system.

Suppress validation of reservation on line change

Suppress Validation of Reservation on Line Change allows changes to be made to a reserved order without making inventory checks. However, this parameter is used only if reservation is not mandatory.

Use reservation with exact date

Sterling Order Management System Software allows the creation of reservations for a specified date. The inventory is reserved in the system from this date. If this parameter is enabled, only existing reservations whose reservation date is the same as the requested ship date for the order can be used.

However, if this parameter is not enabled, all reservations with a reservation date before the requested date of the order can also be used for reserving the order.