Defining capacity rules

You can define rules to set capacity reservation expiration limits and to allow resource capacity assignments to span across service slots.

About this task

To define capacity rules:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Resource Capacity > Capacity Rules.

The Capacity Rules window displays.

  1. Enter information in the applicable field. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
    Table 1. Capacity rules window
    Field Description
    Capacity Reservation
    Default Capacity Reservation Expiration Time (in Hours) Enter the number of hours after which a capacity reservation should expire. Once the expiration time has passed, the reservation is available for purging.
    Capacity Across Slots
    Allow Spanning of Capacity Across Slots Check this box to allow service resource capacity assignments to span across multiple service slots.
    Note: This option is only available to resource pools that maintain capacity at the service resource level and have a service slot group that is not hierarchical.
    Span Across Non-Working Shifts For <n> Minutes Enter the number of minutes for which a shift can span across its adjacent nonworking shift or shifts.
    Ignore Prereserved Capacity
    Ignore prereserved capacity when recomputing appointment options Check this box if you do not want to consider pre-reserved capacity for capacity calculations.
    Capacity Availability Calculation
    Number of Days to consider for Capacity Calculation Enter the number of days in future till which capacity is precomputed for a resource pool.
  2. Choose the Save icon.