Minimum notification time

Minimum notification time represents the minimum number of business hours it takes to ship an order once it has been scheduled to the node.

Some nodes (or external suppliers) may need 2 to 3 days after receiving a shipment advice to ship the order. Another node can ship an order within 2 hours of receiving it. This parameter ensures that when making order promises, expectations are set correctly. This parameter can be specified at both the shipping node and item level. The maximum of the two values calculated against the current time or the next available shift is used to determine the notification time. Combined with the shipping calendar parameter, this allows you to make accurate order promises that can be met.

For example, if the minimum notification time is set to 2 hours and the ship node operates between the hours of 8 to 5PM, an order must be scheduled by 3PM to ship on the same day otherwise it needs to be scheduled to ship the next day.

In cases where inventory information is not available from a supplier to whom you are sourcing the order, this parameter can be used to represent the lead time. The expected shipment date is calculated to ensure that it is at least the equivalent of the minimum processing time ahead of the current time thus ensuring that your promises can be kept.