Service association

When bundles are read from the catalog, any association with service items may get established automatically.

Each product component in a bundle is associated with services applicable to the item that exists within the bundle.

Using Bundle as an example, if the dresser, the nightstand, and the bed set package have bed installation as an associated service, then the following associations are created on the order:

Table 1. Example of a service association in a bundle
Product Associated service
Dresser Bed Installation
Night stand Bed Installation
Bed Set Package Bed Installation

A bundle cannot have a delivery service as a component. This is to prevent multiple deliveries for the components of a bundle. If a bundle or bundle component needs to be delivered, a delivery service line can be passed to the order.

Delivery services can be associated with a bundle parent. If a delivery service that is associated with the bundle parent is passed to the order, all the components are delivered using one delivery service. The delivery service line can not be passed at a bundle component level. If a bundle component needs to be delivered using a specific delivery service, the service can be associated with the component.