Scenario: Buy products online and pick up in store

This scenario illustrates the procedure that is followed when a customer purchases a product from an online portal and picks up the order in the retailer store.

Table 1. Scenario: Buying products online and picking up in store
User action Store Associate actions configured using Sterling Order Management System Software functionality
A customer can place an order through any channel and later arrive at a store to pick up products. A store associate can keep the products ready to enable a pickup recipient or gift recipient to pick up the products on arrival at the store. You can also validate the customer details, mark shortages, if any, and print an acknowledgment for the products that are picked up by the customer.
Shopper arrives at a store to collect the products in an order. The store associate uses the "Customer Pickup" feature to identify the person at the store front. The store associate can perform the Customer Pickup task from the Pickup Orders panel, order search results, or Order Summary page.

If an order does not meet these criteria, an appropriate message is displayed before proceeding to the wizard if the task is launched from the Order Summary screen.

Note: The "Customer Pickup" task can be performed only on orders that have "Pickup in Store" as the fulfillment type and "Ready for Customer" as the status.
Note: The store associate cannot search by using a gift recipient, but must search by using the customer who purchased the product.
Picker provides verification details. The store associate launches the Customer Pickup wizard, the Customer Verification screen is displayed. From the "Customer verification method" list, the store associate can select an appropriate method to verify the customer's identity.

After verifying customer and order details, the store associate can proceed to the next screen. However, the store associate must select the customer verification method used, before proceeding to the next screen.

Note: If required, the store associate can view primary information about the order such as order number, picker name, staging location, pickup date, phone number, and other details. The picker can be the customer who placed the order, someone who can collect the product on behalf of the customer, or a gift recipient.
Picker confirms the products that belong to the order. Once the customer's identity is verified, the store associate gets the shipment lines in the Product Scan screen. The store associate scans the products that belong to the customer's order. The last scanned product details panel is updated with the shipment line information.
If there are no errors, the CustomerPickedQuantity for the product in the shipment is updated. An appropriate error message is displayed in one of the following scenarios while scanning or updating the picked up quantity:
  • Invalid bar code data scanned.
  • A product does not belong to the order.
  • Picked up quantity exceeds the order line quantity.

The store associate performs the backroom pick and places the products in staging location. The store associate can pick up all quantities of a product and do the same for each product in the order. Alternatively, the store associate can pick up all products in the order at once.

Picker confirms order line details. The store associate can go from the Product Scan screen to the Summary screen. The store associate can view the primary details of the order, billing address, and payment methods, along with following views of order lines:
  • Picked up: All picked up products.
  • Previously picked up: When the store associate selects "Pickup Later" as the shortage resolution for a shipment line.
  • Remaining: Products whose shortage resolution is "Pickup Later" or "Inventory Shortage".
  • Canceled: Products whose shortage resolution is "Cancel".
Picker receives printed copy of the acknowledgment. After a customer picks up all products in an order, you can print the acknowledgment that lists the picked products. The store associates clicks "Finish Pickup" on the Summary screen of the wizard and completes the customer pickup by printing the Customer Pickup Acknowledgment.
Result: The store associate completes the customer pickup and fulfill the customer's online order.