Behavior changes between Sterling Store Engagement (Legacy) release 9.5 and 10.0

This section describes the changes that you will observe when you upgrade from release 9.5 to 10.0

Release 9.5 Release 10.0
Dojo-based user interface for order fulfillment tasks. AngularJS-based user interface for a limited set of customer service tasks. An advanced and responsive AngularJS-based user interface for all tasks.
The application home page has the Customer Service portlet, which provides access to the Customer Service View.

The application home page is enhanced with a Persona Based Store portlet, which provides access to Customer Service View, Manager Dashboard View, and Order Fulfillment View.

The user interface is task-based. A store associate cannot easily switch between the Customer Service View and the order fulfillment tasks. The application is enhanced to provide a persona-based user interface. An eye-icon is introduced on the application home page, which provides options to switch to an appropriate view based on the current persona. From the Customer Service View, you can switch to Order Fulfillment View and vice-versa. Further, you can conveniently switch to the older Dojo Order Fulfillment View.
The Customer Service View provides access to three portlets namely Find Products Check Out and Return Products. The Customer Service View is enhanced to provide access to additional customer service tasks through the More Tasks portlet. You can access Return Products, Lookup Customer, and Appointments from the More Tasks portlet.
Store Clienteling capability is not available. Store Clienteling can be done through Look up Customer portlet in the Customer Service View.
Appointments cannot be created for the service provided by a store. Appointments can be created, monitored, and managed through the Appointments portlet accessible in the Customer Service View.
Manager Dashboard is not available. Manager Dashboard View is accessible through the eye-icon on the application home page.
Cannot receive inbound shipments. Capability to receive inbound shipments introduced through the Receive Shipments portlet in the Order Fulfillment View.
Backroom Pick, Batch Pick and related tasks can be performed through respective portlets. All Pick operations can be performed through Pick Orders portlet.
Orders can be shipped through the Ship Packages portlet. Orders can be shipped through Ship Orders portlet.
No global search capability. A global Search option is introduced in the application header, which makes it available on all screens in the application and allows you to search for an order, shipment, product or customer.
No option to appease a customer. The Appease Customer option is introduced as a related task in the Order Summary screen.
Limited capability to modify confirmed orders. The application has extended capability to modify confirmed orders.
No support for transfer orders. The application is enhanced with the capability to support operations such as pick, pack and ship for transfer orders.
For more information about feature additions and enhancements, see What's New and What's Changed.