Scenario: Buy products from a retailer store

This scenario illustrates the procedure that is followed when a customer purchases a product from a retailer store.

Table 1. Scenario: Buying products from a retailer store
User action Sterling Order Management System Software functionality
A customer walks into a retailer store to buy a product.  
The customer picks up a product and arrives at the cash counter to make the payment. The store representative creates an order and adds the product to the order.
The customer specifies about the promotions applicable for the order. If the selected product is associated with promotions, the store representative applies the appropriate discount to the order so that the customer can avail discount in the order total.
The customer has an account. Extra discount is applied to the order based on the customer's profile.
The customer specifies the preferred mode of payment whether CASH or CREDIT CARD for the order. The store representative selects the appropriate payment method as instructed by the customer.
Result: After the payment transaction is successful, the order is confirmed and the customer collects the product from the store representative.