Real time availability monitor

To enable inventory availability monitoring and publishing, BOPIS deployment accelerator sets up distribution group and default inventory monitor rule for the organization.

BOPIS deployment accelerator defines distribution group for the enterprise to include all on boarded stores. Additionally, it assigns distribution group to use for inventory monitoring. BOPIS deployment accelerator sets up the inventory monitoring rule to define the limits for inventory alerts and event based ATP monitor rule to determine the availability of an item for current and future demand. The setup is added for an enterprise that is created by using BOPIS deployment accelerator.

The following inventory levels are specified in the inventory monitoring rule for an enterprise by BOPIS deployment accelerator.
  • LOW - 10
  • MEDIUM - 100
  • HIGH - 1000

You can access the Inventory Rules window by choosing the Inventory Rules branch from the tree in the application rules side panel. For more information about inventory rules Configuring inventory rules

RTAM monitors inventory changes with the help of inventory monitoring rules.

Note: Events are not configured for RTAM to run. For more information about the RTAM, see Configuring the Real-Time Availability Monitor.

Viewing RTAM availability rules

To view RTAM availability rules, perform the following steps:
  1. From the Application Console menu, click Configuration > Launch Applications Manager. The Applications Manager opens in a new window.
  2. From the menu, click Applications > Application Platform.
  3. Double-click Process Modeling. The Process Modeling window opens.
  4. Click General tab.
  5. Double-click the General process type.
  6. From the tree in the application rules side panel, expand Real Time Availability Monitor. The Transaction Detail: Real Time Availability Monitor window opens.