Payment types

Payment types are the means of payment that is accepted by a seller organization.

The standard payment types include CREDIT CARD, CUSTOMER ACCOUNT, CHECK, and OTHER. For each payment type, the charging sequence and the refund sequence are specified in the seller configuration. A charge sequence number (or refund sequence number) of 0 has the highest priority, followed by 1 and so on. Multiple payment types can have the same sequence number. If the sequence is not specified, all payment types are assumed to be of the same priority. The charge sequence and refund sequence are independent of each other.

Deployment Accelerator adds credit cards and PayPal payment types.

Credit cards and PayPal are widely used payment types that are by default added to the organization created through Deployment Accelerator. Therefore, it reduces the configuration time for the organization.

Viewing payment types

To view payment types, perform the following steps:
  1. Launch Business Center.
  2. From the Home page click System Setup.
  3. Expand Payments menu, and click Payment Types. The Payment Types Search window opens.