Upgrading to Release 10.0 - migration prerequisites

You must have prerequisites in place before attempting to migrate your data.

Note: You must upgrade to the Sterling Order Management System Software Release 10.0 before upgrading your technical stack, which includes the application server, JDK, and database server.

Ensure that the following prerequisites are complete before migrating your data:

  • Verify that you are currently on Release 9.3 (or later) before you begin the upgrade to Release 10.0.
  • Ensure that your System Administrators are members of the SYSTEM user group.

    Otherwise, they will not have access to the Application Console user interface or the Applications Manager, and will not be able to administer your Sterling Order Management System Software system.

  • Ensure that you are logged in to the database server with administrative privileges in order to be able to carry out the upgrade.
  • Ensure that you have full permission to the ehcache folder. By default, its location is /tmp/ehcache (in UNIX) and %TEMP%\ehcache (in Windows). In Unix, the default value of the TMPDIR environmental variable is set to /tmp. If you modified the ehcache.xml file in the cmgt-configurator.jar file to point to a different directory, ensure that you have full permission to the new location for the ehcache folder.
  • As with all system upgrades, ensure that you have a rollback strategy.
  • Ensure that you have both read and write permissions to the sci.ehcache.disk.store.dir directory. By default, its location is /tmp/. If you choose to use another directory with read and write permissions, in the yfs.properties file, set the sci.ehcache.disk.store.dir property.