Configuring a web chat assistant by using IBM Watson Assistant

An assistant must be configured before it can be integrated with OpenPages®.

Before you begin

Learn about IBM Watson® Assistant using the extensive documentation, tutorials, and videos that IBM® provides. For more information, see the IBM Cloud® documentation.

Choose a subscription for IBM Watson Assistant that includes the web chat interface. For example, the Assistant Plus subscription includes the web chat interface.

About this task

An assistant is a cognitive bot to which you add skills that enable it to interact with your users in useful ways.

The assistant must be saved with a web chat integration.

Note: You can create an assistant on IBM Cloud Pak for Data or on IBM Cloud.


  1. Create an assistant and configure skills that match the needs of OpenPages users.
  2. Add a web chat integration to the assistant.
    When you add a web chat integration, a code snippet is displayed in the Add the chat UI to your web page section. You need parts of the code snippet to integrate the assistant with OpenPages.
  3. In Customize your chat UI, you can optionally change the style of the assistant. If you add an avatar image, make a note of the image URL because it must also be added in the OpenPages integration.

What to do next

Integrate the assistant with OpenPages. For more information, see Configuring the integration between an assistant and OpenPages.

Configuring IBM Watson Assistant is an iterative process. As users work with it, you can improve and expand the skills. You might need to change or expand the skills as they change over time. You can also download a skills data usage report and improve it.