Adding an Associate action

Define an action as Associate to associate parent or child objects. A Grid View opens where you can select or deselect objects.

About this task

Use an Associate action, for example, on a Task View for loss events if you want to add the ability to associate mandates.

A grid relationship field that is defined with an Associate action displays a Remove button when one or more already associated objects are selected. The Remove button allows you to disassociate objects (it does not delete objects). If the grid relationship field is required, all associated objects can be removed except for one. The Remove button displays automatically when an Associate action is configured for a grid relationship field. The Remove button does not display in card relationship fields.

To delete objects, use the Delete action. For information about providing the ability to delete objects, see Adding a Delete action.

To associate a primary parent object, use the Associate Primary Parent action rather than Associate. For information, see Adding an Associate Primary Parent action.

You can find an example in: SysView-Task-LossEvent.

On the JSON tab, an associate action is defined when actionType is set to associate in a card or grid relationship field.


  1. In a card or grid relationship field, click Add Action and choose Associate.
  2. Enter a Label. It displays as a button label. Click Edit to enter localized values.

    If it is displayed, click Auto Translate icon to populate translated values to languages. For more information, see IBM Watson Language Translator.

  3. Set Multi Select to true or false.
  4. Click Folder Filter to restrict the objects that are available for selection in the Grid View to a specific folder.
  5. Click Filter Rules to restrict the objects that are available for selection in the Grid View using a dynamic filter. For information see, Defining dynamic filters on actions in relationship fields.
  6. Click Done.


If both Folder Filter and Filter Rules are provided, the filters are combined with an AND statement. An object must match both filters to be available for selection.