Installing the Oracle Instant Client (Windows)

You use the Oracle Instant Client. Fix pack adds support for the Oracle Instant Client.

Before you begin

Review the following topic to verify the requirements based on your installation path: Oracle Instant Client.

Download and install the Visual Studio Redistributable from Microsoft. For example, Oracle Instant Client 19 requires the Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable. For more information, see the Oracle documentation.


  1. Log on to the application server as an administrator.
  2. Download the 64-bit Instant Client Basic Package, SQL*Plus Package, and the Tools Package.
    For example:
  3. Create a new directory for the Oracle client home directory, ORACLE_HOME.
    For example:

    The following steps use C:\oracle\. If you are using a different path, replace C:\oracle\ with your directory.

  4. Expand the Instant Client packages into the same directory under C:\oracle\.
    You now have a C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9 directory.
  5. In C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9, create a \bin directory.
    You now have:
  6. Copy the contents of C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9 to C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9\bin.
    Ensure that you copy the files. Do not cut and paste them.
  7. In C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9, create a \jdbc\lib directory.
    You now have:
  8. Copy C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9\ojdbc8.jar to the C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9\jdbc\lib directory.
  9. Set the following environment variables:
    Append the following directory to the PATH environment variable:
  10. In the C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9 directory, create a \network\admin directory:
    You now have
  11. Copy the tnsnames.ora file from the database server, update it, and then test the database connection.
  12. Update property files with the new Oracle client directory, C:\oracle\instantclient_19_9.
    For more information, see Update database client paths in property files.
    Note: If you are doing a fresh installation of OpenPages, skip this step.
  13. Repeat these steps on each application server.
  14. Repeat these steps on each reporting server, with the following differences:

What to do next

See the following topic to determine your next task: Oracle Instant Client.