Configuring the Business Entity Selector display type for simple string fields (Standard UI)

For the Business Entity Selector display type, you can select a starting business entity, establish the number of levels that users can navigate, and determine whether to span columns.

To modify these settings, click Edit on the Display Type Information tab.

You can configure the following settings:

Table 1. Business Entity Selector display settings
Setting Description
Starting Business Entity

Click the icon beside the Starting Business Entity box, and use the Recently Used, Browse or Search tabs to select a starting business entity. Type a term in the Search field to find an exact match to the object name or description.

Note: Optionally, if you want all Level 1 business entities displayed, enter a forward slash (/) in the Search box. If you leave this field blank, it will default to a slash when you save.
Number of Levels

Determines the number of levels that end users can navigate to from the starting business entity. For example, if you select Global Financial Services as your starting business entity and set the number of levels to 2, you can navigate to two levels below Global Financial Services (Global Financial Services/Asia Pac/Agency Services). Limit the number of levels to improve performance of the selector and help users select from the entities most appropriate for this field.

The default value is 3.

Span Columns

Determines whether to make a row span columns.

The default value is false. This setting will be ignored by views that do not support column spanning.

For more information, see Spanning table columns

For instructions on how to configure a display type for a simple string data type object field, see Configuring display types for simple string fields (Standard UI).

Known issue

A known issue exists when values in business entity selector fields are updated in the following scenario. A user in the OpenPages® application chooses a business entity for a business entity selector field and saves it. The entity folder is correctly inserted in the business entity selector field. If the user then clicks Action > Edit this Business Entity and changes the name of the business entity, the value in the business entity selector field is not updated with the new name. If the user clicks Action > Edit this Business Entity again and selects the icon next to the business entity selector field, the select entity is now empty.