Configuring the integration between an assistant and OpenPages

Add integration information for an assistant so that it displays in the Task Focused UI in OpenPages®.

Before you begin

Add the SOX > Administration > User Interfaces > Watson Assistant UI application permission to role templates that are allowed to access IBM Watson® Assistant .

Configure an assistant. For more information, see Configuring a web chat assistant by using IBM Watson Assistant.

About this task

When an assistant is configured and saved with a web chat integration, a code snippet is displayed in the Embed section. You can import the code into the Watson Assistant page in OpenPages.

Code snippet that contains values for the OpenPages integration


  1. Open the code snippet that is displayed when an assistant is saved with a web chat integration.
  2. Click Settings menu > Integrations > Watson Assistant.
    Or, in and earlier, click Settings menu > Watson Integrations > Watson Assistant
  3. Click Import Configuration .
  4. Paste the code snippet into the Configuration string box, and then click Import.
    The Web Chat Options table displays the values for your web chat assistant.
  5. If the assistant is defined with an avatar image, enter the URL in Assistant Image URLs.
  6. In Assistant Profiles, select the profiles that are allowed to access IBM Watson Assistant .
  7. Click Save.
  8. If you are using IBM® Cloud Pak for Data, add your web chat URL to the list of allowed URLs in OpenPages.
    1. In the Web Chat Options table, click cloudPrivateHostURL and copy its value.
    2. Click Settings menu > System Configuration > Settings.
    3. Click the Applications > Assistant > Embedded Assistant URLs
    4. In the Value field, add the URL that you copied in step 8.a to the list of URLs.
    5. Click Done.

What to do next

Refresh the screen and test the assistant within OpenPages. Refine it as needed.

Tip: If the configuration of your assistant changes, you can re-import its code snippet. Or, you can edit the values in the Web Chat Options table.