Issue and Action Bulletin notification

During the closedown phase of the Issue Management and Remediation (IMR) process, an Issue and Action Bulletin is sent as an email notification to the users. The bulletin highlights important areas such as overdue issues and actions that are due for closure. The administrator can set the frequency of this notification by using the Issue Management and Remediation (IMR) bulletin.

When the Issue is defined, its status is set to open. The user provides the current due date. The due date is copied to a read-only field that contains the original due date. When the user creates an Issue, the Issue Owner (who might not be the same person who created the Issue) receives an email notification.

The Issue Owner identifies the actions necessary to resolve an issue. The following data is captured in an Action Item:

  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Actual Closure date
  • Status (Read Only)
  • A comment to record the latest updates

The Issue Owner receives an email that summarizes the actions that require approval before the issue can be closed. The Owner can either accept or reject the closure of the issue. When actions are completed, the Issue Owner reviews the Issue and updates the status to closed. If any child actions are set to open or awaiting approval, the Issue Owner cannot close the issue.

Issues are only displayed if the lowest-level Business Entity has a child Preference object associated with it. If the Issue is generated from the lowest level Business Entity, or another object type, it is not included in this report. Define a Preference Object for every level on which to report. Other features such as the RCSA trigger use the closest parent with a Preference object. These features inherit the preference from closest parent object.

Users receive email notifications through the consolidated Issue and Action bulletins. The bulletin consolidates the following information:

  • Issues that are assigned to the recipient in the past number days
  • Actions that are assigned to recipient in the past number days
  • Issues due for closure in the next number days
  • Actions due for closure in the next number days
  • Overdue issues
  • Overdue actions
  • Actions awaiting closure approval